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Meet Our Team

Our people are talented. They’re also down-to-earth and easy to work with.  We believe success is in the strong relationships we build with our clients.

Michael J. Burke, NCARB / AIA

Co-Founder / Principal / Architect

Michael brings over three decades of experience to every project, yet it’s his ability to understand at a deep level the client’s vision which sets him apart. Originally from Petaluma, California, Michael earned his degree in architecture at the University of Oregon before moving to Montana to live and raise a family. Spending time in nature has always been important to Michael. As a backdrop, Montana’s mountains and prairies, rivers and badlands create a bold palette of inspiration for Michael’s designs.

Working collaboratively with clients through every step of a project ensures exquisite melding of the client’s needs with the structured environment. As a project transitions from inspired vision to reality, the client relationship transitions to a cherished friendship. An added value is Michael’s appreciation for his community, which he and his wife, Sherril, deeply support through active volunteerism and philanthropy.

“Success is in the relationships we build with our clients.”
— Michael J. Burke

Michael Burke
Sherill Burke

Sherril S. Burke, NCARB, LEED Accredited Professional

Co-Founder / Principal / Architect

When Sherril first meets with a client, she listens with an artist’s ear. An experienced architect, Sherril knows that a strong design speaks to both the function and the experience of a space – and details matter. Sherril attended the University of Oregon where she earned a degree in architecture. She returned to Montana, her home state, with husband, Michael, to raise their family and work together as a team.

Sherril’s architectural artistry is inspired by natural wonders found uniquely in the Beartooth Mountains, a place she visits often. When she isn’t working or walking in nature, you’ll likely find Sherril serving a non-profit organization as part of Sherril and Michael’s ongoing commitment to giving back to community.

“We start at the artistic stage then progress to the technical stage. It’s a discipline that encompasses a lot.”
–Sherill Burke

Jeff Winkler

Jeffrey B. Winkler, NCARB

Project Manager / Designer

As a youngster, Jeff was fascinated with taking things apart to see how all the pieces fit back together. In high school, he took classes in technical drawing and worked construction for a firm specializing in high end projects. Taking notice of Jeff’s talent and attention to detail, the contractor encouraged him to explore architecture.

Jeff studied design at Montana State University where he earned a degree in architecture in 1994. Although he had lived in many different places, including England, Jeff chose to live and work in Billings – a place he feels offers the perfect blend of urban and rural inspiration. When Jeff isn’t working on a design, he can be found spending time with his family and friends, playing and coaching sports or enjoying the great outdoors.

“While every project is different, all successful projects begin by listening closely to the client’s needs and desires.”
— Jeff Winkler

Van Dane Hagestad

Van Dane Hagestad, AIA / NCARB / LEED AP / Northern Design & Artic Engineering


Van believes that the strength of an architect lies in his or her passion (heart), knowledge (mind), and pencil (hand). Nurturing this passion, informed by the mind, to guide the hand puts art back into architecture.

As a college freshman Van started studying civil engineering. But a lifelong love of drawing eventually led him to enroll in the School of Architecture at Montana State University earning both an undergraduate and master’s degree. After graduation, Van worked at several different firms in Montana and Alaska before joining HGFA Architects. Van’s extensive experience includes such diverse project genres as airports, museums, large retail, financial institutions, hospitals, high rise towers and residential.

Van and his wife have adopted eleven kids, ages 3 – 21 years, with whom he enjoys sharing the art of creative expression. He also enjoys researching technology trends and gadgets, songwriting, and poetry.

“Energy from the client is the initial spark in every project.”
— Van Dane Hagestad

Abdul Alfayez

Abdul Alfayez, NCARB / AIA


Abdul understands that architecture impacts the human experience across all scales, affecting everything we perceive in our environment. Using this knowledge, Abdul brings a laser focus to every project, connecting the dots to find the right solution for each.

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Abdul studied architecture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. His design experience is broad, and includes technical spaces, laboratories, corporate interiors, and commercial architecture. For inspiration, Abdul analyzes the context of a project to determine how the design will relate to the environment, and ultimately how people will react.

Abdul recently relocated to Montana from California with his wife, an interior designer, and 3-year-old daughter. He sees Billings as an emerging city with many possibilities – and very hospitable people. When not working on a design, he enjoys reading – especially about history.

“Architecture is a field where many disciplines converge and affect everything we perceive arounds us.”
— Abdul Alfayez

Koriana Myers

Koriana Myers

Interior Architect

Koriana Myers knows that the built environment directly impacts people in their everyday lives. As an experienced interior architect, Myers embraces the opportunity – and responsibility – to create spaces that provide an enjoyable and healthy interaction.

“My goal is to have people feel good in the spaces I design, even if they aren’t sure why they feel that way.”

Originally from Great Falls, Koriana earned an advanced certificate in environmental design from Helena College – University of Montana in 2018. Since graduating, she has worked on diverse projects including healthcare, higher education, retail, multi-family properties, and senior living facilities.

Koriana notes that interior design is a rare profession, merging an analytical/mathematical focus with creative. “I’m intentional and thoughtful about how the space is used first, then I focus on making the well-functioning space look and feel beautiful.”

Koriana enjoys the many outdoor amenities Montana has to offer. Weekends you might find her at a local campground, relaxing in one of the many campers that she’s renovated.

“It is rewarding to know that I’m contributing to the well-being and beautification of the place I love and care for the most.”
— Koriana Myers

Camryn Mickelson

Camryn Mickelson, AAS

Interior Designer

Camryn’s interest in interior design started early. As a high school sophomore, Camryn began taking classes in design which culminated in an independent study during her senior year. She continued her studies at Montana State University’s Gallatin College, graduating with a degree in Interior Design.

Nature, and the innate desire for humans to connect with their environment, is at the heart of Camryn’s inspiration. She’s intrigued by the universe of different patterns and colors found in nature, pulling these elements into her designs. Whether working on a large project or micro, close-up scale, she loves the nuances of each element and the ability to use them to customize a space.

When working with clients, Camryn first determines the emotions and feelings they want to achieve. From there, she develops concept images by pulling together colors, shapes, and textures to evoke the overall mood of the design.

Outside of work, Camryn spends time observing nature, including the night sky, which is her favorite time of day. She also enjoys painting landscapes, reading, and baking.

“The best thing about living and designing in Billings is the large biodiversity and diverse ecosystem that surrounds the city. Nature’s inspiration is just a step out the door.”
— Camryn Mickelson

Mary Cerovski

Mary Cerovski

Office Manager

After working for more than a decade in the construction industry, Mary Cerovski was ready for a new challenge.

“I knew a lot about building but wanted to learn more about the design side.”

As the Office Manager for HGFA Architects, Mary administers the many layers of detail that accompany every project. Her ability to multi-task and help keep projects on track is invaluable to the HGFA team, and Mary’s background makes her exceptional at organization.

“I managed accounting and payroll for many years. I was also certified as a law enforcement field training officer when I worked in 911 dispatch. Details and organization are important.”

When she isn’t working in the office, Mary enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden, and spending time with her husband and the youngest of her four children who still resides at home.

“People are the best thing about living in Billings. I love that you can make friends with a total stranger in the checkout line.”
— Mary Cerovski

Community Involvement

HGFA is committed to actively supporting non-profit organizations through volunteer service, financial gifts and in-kind donations. These are a few of the organizations that HGFA is proud to support:

  • YWCA Gateway Vista Transitional Housing
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Special K Ranch

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